About Us

Young fan mode mom always, I asked myself many questions to the birth of my daughter. With his father we decided to eat healthier, to buy diapers and organic skin care products. Inevitably, the question of clothing has arrived. Were going to buy her clothes full of chemicals (and probably manufactured in factories where people worked in appalling conditions)?

So I started looking for clothing fair trade, organic cotton, and if possible made in France ... there I found myself faced with little choice and often unattractive: beige colors, green and often ugly ... overpriced

Should we sacrifice style and fun (or get angry with my banker) to ethics?

Refusing fate, I finally find cool brands, created by many parents who were not, either, what they were looking for children's fashion.

Nevertheless, the prices were too often prohibitive for us ... although I understand that the quality of textile and labor has a cost.

I heard thought myself to wait for the sales periods, 2 times a year to shop and hope that my choice is always available

This is where I thought "clearance, outlet, thrift" ... In short, in the spirit of "slow fashion", which defends the idea of not necessarily have room LA season, but clothes that we like that make a style that last ...

If I had my solution, unfortunately, few traders offered me this offer!

I then decided to go on a new adventure because I did not want to keep this for me: this is how WILD was born.

WILD is a way for me to introduce you to my findings, small designers and young brands with an ethic that share the same mindset. All this for soft prices all year. Everyone was going to win even nature.

And like Coco Chanel say, fashion goes but style remains

... And there is no age to be stylish!